Natura Gold Sperm Optimizer

The Natura Gold Sperm Booster is a sexual stimulant in the form of a dietary supplement. It helps stimulate the metabolism of male sex organs.

Thanks to its extracts of plants (Ginger, Eleutherococcus and Ginseng) Natura Gold helps you to better control your excitement, to stimulate the erectile function of your penis but especially to activate naturally the production of sperm.

It allows you to find a vigorous erection and quickly regenerate sperm production after each ejaculation.

Directions for use: take 2 capsules daily preferably in the morning with a large glass of water.

Ingredients: ginger powder, L-arginine, capsule / capsule (gelatin (e) dyes: iron oxide / iron oxide, titanium dioxide / titanium dioxide), eleutherococci powder (siberian ginseng powder), vitamin (e) E acetate (support: silica / carrier silica) yeast rich in selenium (selenium yeast), emulsifier: magnesium stearate (emulsifier: magnesium stearate), zinc oxide (zinc oxide), vitamin (s) B6- B8-B9.

Product made in Europe. Compliant with European regulations on nutrition and health.
Pack Contains : 60 pills
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