Spanish Drops Tropical Kiwi for Men and Women

Experience incredible sensations with Spanish Drops Kiwi thanks to a libido boosted by her plant extracts.

This food supplement will give you two intense moments of pleasure to spend nights of madness!

brings the woman but also the man to intense thrusts of desire. It can significantly intensify the female orgasm.

Use: pour 5 to 7 drops under the tongue about 30 minutes before sex. Dotake more than 2 doses per 24 hours. Doexceed the recommended daily dose.

Ingredients: water, 45.5 mg of L-arginine, 15 mg of vitamin C (such as L-ascorbic acid) (18.75 RDA), flavors, preservatives: E211, E202.

Product made in Europe. Compliant with European regulations on nutrition and health.
Capacity : 15ml
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