Taurix Sexual Erection Cream

Want to have the strength of the bull at the end of your sex?

This intimate revitalizing cream will significantly increase your erection thanks to its real taurine and bull testicles!

These rare ingredients promote and activate the blood circulation for a more enduring erection.

Use: massage the penis with the cream about 30 minutes before intercourse.

Ingredients: water, glicerin, hexyldecanol, hexyldecanol laurate, cetyl dimethione, ginko bilboa, tocopheryl, sommindsia chinensis, panax ginseng, vitamin D, limonene, linalool, eugenol, bosbovis (bull) testes extract (Testicle Extract from Taurus).

Product made in Europe. Compliant with European regulations on nutrition and health.
Contains : 40 ml
Ref: taurx #213
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